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Leadership for Program Effectiveness
Fact Sheet Series 2004 - Adult Basic and Literacy Education
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The OVAE Fact Sheet Series highlights efforts currently underway at the Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE) to support the principles of the President's No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The principle(s) supported by this effort are:

  • Increase Accountability and Academic Achievement
  • Increase Flexibility and Reduce Bureaucracy
  • Focus on What Works


Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs serve adults who lack competence in reading, writing, speaking, problem solving, or computation at a level necessary to function in society. Promoting proven practices within ABE is the goal of the Leadership for Program Effectiveness effort.


Leadership for Program Effectiveness is designed to improve the quality of the state-administered adult education system through the use of research-based or proven practices. The effort includes providing technical assistance and training to state and local adult education staff. Key components of this effort, managed through Abt Associates, include:

  • A pilot project, the Northwest Quality Initiative, whereby state and local adult education programs use data to assess and improve the quality of operation and management of their adult education programs.
  • National workshops that manage and improve a state's adult education system and expand a state's professional development system.
  • A symposium on 'research to practice' that identifies professional development and dissemination activities to promote proven practices in the operation of state-administered adult education programs.
  • A working group of state directors of adult education that will provide guidance to the OVAE on key initiatives and field-based issues related to state-administered adult education programs.
  • Briefs that describe promising practices on OVAE's key areas of focus, such as, the transition of ABE participants to further education and training.

Outcomes and Products

  • Improved capacity of local adult education program staff to use research and data in developing educational services
  • Increased effectiveness of the operation of adult basic education services
  • Improved skills for state leaders of adult education

FY 2001 to FY 2004



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