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On April 4, 2002, Assistant Secretary Carol D'Amico and the Office of Vocational and Adult Education convened, "Preparing America's Future: The High School Symposium," in Washington, D.C.

Prior to the symposium, OVAE commissioned eight papers in issues central to contemporary high schools. At the symposium, a panel composed of eight authors and seven expert respondents discussed these key issues. Panel members included policy analysts, foundation representatives, business and industry representatives, experts in secondary education, and educators.

Commissioned Papers and Author Biographies

These papers are in MS Word. The downloadable icon brings up the full text, and the author's biography.

We are very interested in your feedback on these papers. Please email us with your comments.

  • Re-conceptualizing Extra Help for High School Students in a High Standards Era [downloadable files ] MS WORD (161K)
    By Robert Balfanz [downloadable files ] MS WORD (19K), James McPartland,
    and Alta Shaw

  • What Role Can Dual Enrollment Programs Play in Easing the Transition Between High School and Postsecondary Education? [downloadable files ] MS WORD (94K)
    By Thomas R. Bailey [downloadable files ] MS WORD (26K), Katherine L. Hughes, and Melinda Mechur Karp

  • What Should Be the Federal Role in Supporting and Shaping Development of State Accountability Systems for Secondary School Achievement?[downloadable files ] MS WORD (239K) Also available: The slide presentation (as a [downloadable files ] MS WORD document (171K) based on the paper.
    John H. Bishop [downloadable files ] MS WORD (24K)

  • Raising the Achievement of Low-Performing Students: What High Schools Can Do. [downloadable files ] MS WORD (436K)
    By Gene Bottoms[downloadable files ] MS WORD (20K)

  • The Missing Middle: Aligning Education and the Knowledge Economy [downloadable files ] MS WORD (652K)
    By Anthony P. Carnevale[downloadable files ] MS WORD (22K) and
    Donna M. Desrochers

  • What Ails U.S. High Schools? How Should They Be Reformed?[downloadable files ] MS WORD (74K) Is There A Federal Role?
    By Chester E. Finn, Jr. [downloadable files ] MS WORD (21K)

  • The Role of Career and Technical Education in the American High School: A Student Centered Analysis [downloadable files ] MS WORD (98K)
    By Kenneth Gray [downloadable files ] MS WORD (19K)

  • Beyond Empty Promises: Policies to Improve Transitions into College and Jobs [downloadable files ] MS WORD (157K)
    By James E. Rosenbaum [downloadable files ] MS WORD (19K)

In addition to the eight papers commissioned by OVAE that were presented at the Symposium, the Assistant Secretary also requested the paper "Youth at Crossroads: Facing High School and Beyond" [downloadable files ] MS WORD (99K) by Janis Somerville.[downloadable files ] MS WORD(20K)

The papers presented here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Education, the Office of Vocational and Adult Education, or the Assistant Secretary. The papers solely reflect the views and opinions of the authors.

Since the symposium, another ten papers have also been commissioned and received.

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