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  • CARES Act Fiscal Waivers

    The CARES Act authorizes the Secretary to grant waivers requested by State educational agencies (SEAs) of section 421(b) of the General Education Provisions Act (GEPA), often referred to as the “Tydings Amendment,” to extend the period of availability of State formula grant funds authorized by the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 (Perkins Act) and the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA).

    On April 16th OCTAE began granting waivers of section 421(b) of GEPA, to extend the period of availability of Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 funds for programs in which the SEA participates as the eligible agency until September 30, 2021. The following States were granted waivers on their respective requests.

    State AEFLA Waiver Perkins Waiver Date of Provisional Letter
    Alaska X 4/21/2020
    Alabama X 4/21/2020
    Arizona X 5/28/2020
    Arkansas X 4/17/2020
    California X X 5/18/2020
    Connecticut X X 4/27/2020
    Delaware X X 4/22/2020
    Florida X X 4/30/2020
    Georgia X 4/17/2020
    Hawaii X 5/19/2020
    Illinois X 4/21/2020
    Iowa X 4/23/2020
    Kentucky X 4/27/2020
    Maine X 4/23/2020
    Maryland X 6/04/2020
    Massachusetts X X 4/20/2020
    Michigan X 7/07/2020
    Mississippi X 4/17/2020
    New Hampshire X X 7/08/2020
    New Jersey X 4/27/2020
    New Mexico X 4/30/2020
    North Carolina X 4/17/2020
    Nevada X X 4/23/2020
    New Hampshire X 4/17/2020
    New York X X 4/21/2020
    Oregon X 4/27/2020
    Pennsylvania X 8/12/2020
    Puerto Rico X X 4/17/2020
    Rhode Island X X 4/20/2020
    South Carolina X X 4/21/2020
    Tennessee X 4/28/2020
    Texas X 4/21/2020
    Utah X X 4/24/2020 and 10/07/20
    Vermont X 5/04/2020
    Virgin Islands X X 4/22/2020
    Virginia X X 4/17/2020
    Washington D.C X 8/03/2020
    West Virginia X 4/21/2020
    Wyoming X 5/21/2020

    *Table will be updated weekly on Thursday at Noon ET.


    Last Modified: 10/07/2020