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2007 Community College Virtual Summit
Affordability, Accessibility and Accountability in Higher Education



The 2007 Community College Virtual Summit was held to explore four critical issues facing community colleges: 1) Two-to-Four Year Transitions, 2) Adult and Non-Traditional Students, 3) Accountability, and 4) Leadership. The program yielded a rich and thought-provoking discussion to highlight the importance of these topics and suggest approaches for further action. The discussion drew upon the expertise of nationally known leaders in the four issue areas, some of whom served on a panel at the Washington, DC site, and some of whom led regional site gatherings at selected model institutions. The summit resulted in a back-and-forth dialog among participants at the five sites. During the course of the Summit, strategies were discussed to address better affordability, accessibility and accountability. The issues explored at the Summit were selected in response to “A Test of Leadership: Charting the Future of Higher Education,” the 2006 report issued by the Secretary’s Commission on the Future of Higher Education.


Proceedings of the Community College Virtual Summit
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View clips from the 2007 Community College Virtual Summit.

Opening and Welcome
video Real Player (225 KB; 14 minutes, 54 seconds)
Margaret Spellings, Secretary of Education
Sara Martinez-Tucker, Undersecretary of Education

Two-to-Four Year Transitions
video Real Player (225 KB; 18 minutes, 8 seconds)
Content Expert: Glenn DuBois, Chancellor of the Virginia Community College System,
Highlighted Site: Monroe Community College
Host: Tom Flynn, President of Monroe Community College

Adult and Nontraditional Students
video Real Player (225 KB; 18 minutes, 13 seconds)
Content Expert: Charlene Nunley, former President of Montgomery College
Highlighted Site: Coastline Community College
Hosts: Ding-Jo Currie and Rita Cepeda, Presidents of neighboring Coastline and San Diego Mesa Community Colleges

video Real Player (225 KB; 17 minutes, 7 seconds)
Content Expert: George Boggs, President of the American Association of Community Colleges
Highlighted Site: Central Piedmont Community College
Host: Tony Zeiss, President of Central Piedmont Community College

video Real Player (226 KB; 19 minutes, 6 seconds)
Content Expert: Christine Johnson-McPhail, Professor at Morgan State University
Highlighted Site: University of Texas-Austin
Hosts: Mark Milliron and Walter Bumphus, University of Texas-Austin

Leadership (continued)
video Real Player (225 KB; 4 minutes, 52 seconds)

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