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The following products arranged in descending order by publication date, were developed during the two-year study.

Pathways to College: Access and Success (2005)
The final report under the Accelerating Student Success project provides summary findings across the case study sites. The findings are highlighted around four key features - student recruitment and selection processes, curriculum, support services, and data collection. The report concludes with recommendations for policymakers, practitioners and researcher.
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Case Study Profiles (2005)
Individual profiles of the sites that participated in the project provide information on strategies used for student outreach, development of program curriculum, support services, program funding and professional development.

Update to State Dual Enrollment Policies: Addressing Access and Quality (2005)
This report updates the information contained in the 2004 report that examines dual enrollment policies in the 50 states. Based on the new information highlighted in the report a total of 40 states have policies that guide dual enrollment program operations.
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State Policy Analysis Report: State Dual Enrollment Policies: Addressing Access and Quality (2004)
This report outlines the dual enrollment policies in all 50 states, and the ways that these policies support or prevent the growth of programs that serve middle to low-achieving students. It also presents policy options for expanding student participation in credit-based transition programs. (UPDATED - see new 2005 report)
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Dual Credit and Exam-Based Courses in U.S. Public High Schools: 2002-03 (2005)
This report, based on a national survey of public high schools, provides baseline data on the prevalence, enrollment and characteristics of dual credit courses. The survey also presents findings on the prevalence of such exam-based courses as Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB).

Dual Enrollment of High School Students at Postsecondary Institutions: 2002-03 (2005)
This report, based on a national survey of public and private 4-year and 2-year institutions, provides information on the participation in college-level courses by high school students and the characteristics of dual enrollment programs.

American Youth Policy Forum
On October 4, 2004, an American Youth Policy Forum was held to present the findings emerging from the Accelerating Student Success project. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education, Hans Meader, highlighted the importance of the project in informing the U.S. Department of Education's High School Initiative. The Community College Research Center, the project's primary researchers, provided a description of the focus group findings, and findings from the report, State Dual Enrollment Policies: Addressing Access and Quality.

AYPF Forum Brief
OVAE and CCRC Powerpoint from AYPF Forum
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One-Page Briefs (2004)
One-page briefs that describe each of the five case-study sites selected for in-depth study.
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Focus Group and Interview Summary: Accelerating Student Success:
How Credit-Based Transition Programs Can Serve A Broad Range of Students (2004)

This report provides a summative analysis of the focus groups and interviews conducted as part of this study. It illustrates the characteristics of high-quality credit-based transition programs and how these programs support the transition of middle- to low-achieving students. The summary also serves as a foundation document for the in-depth case studies.
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State Policy Brief: State Policies and Dual Enrollment Program Variation (2003)
This brief presents what is known about the state policies that shape and promote one kind of credit-based transition program, dual enrollment.
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Promoting College Access and Success: A Review of Credit-Based Transition Programs (2003)
This review of the literature on credit-based transition programs examines programs and their characteristics and what is known about their ability to increase college access and success for a wide range of students. This report served as the basis for the rest of the Accelerating Student Success report.
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Project Summary (2003)
This summary provides an overview of the study including: the purposes, methodology and products that will be produced throughout this study.
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