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These state data profiles, Tapping the Potential: Profile of Adult Education Target Population, were created by OCTAE to assist states and advocates in communicating the need for adult education. Population estimates were calculated from the American Community Survey 2009-2011, U.S. Census Bureau. These profiles were constructed to indicate how many adults in each state lack a high school credential or English language proficiency and their corresponding participation rates in the labor force. A profile for the United States is also available. Funding estimates, both federal and non-federal share, are drawn from the National Reporting System. See the Frequently Asked Questions below more information; this section will expand as questions are received.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Census tables were used?

A: The data source was the 3-year ACS PUMS data 2009-2011.

OVAE did not use the tables that are available through the Census's American Fact Finder or their Quick Facts tools. The ACS data was downloaded and unique variables created from the original data so that the final information would align better with data that is collected and reported in the National Reporting System (NRS).

Q: How did you identify the Adult Basic Education target population?

A: For the general ABE target population, the data rule was: AGE > State required age for mandatory school attendance; Educational Attainment was less than "Regular high school diploma"; and that individuals were Not in School ("School enrollment" = "No, has not attended in the last 3 months").

Q: How did you identify the English language learning target population?

A: For the ESL population, the same basic data rule (above) applied with an additional variable that identified Limited English Proficient ("Ability to speak English" = "not well" and "not at all").

Q: How were individuals identified in the 16-18 year old category? Our state has a mandatory compulsory education age above 16.

A: State compulsory school age limits were taken into account when calculating the out of school 16-18 year old population.

Last Modified: 02/20/2019