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A Weekly Fact Sheet on Vocational and Technical Education Issues

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Edited by Ellen Kelly-Holland

blue flag bullet Fact Sheet to Undergo Changes

This weekly fact sheet, Perkins, Education and Technology, will be undergoing several changes shortly in terms of content, format and message to reflect the scope and mission of OVAE's newly formed Division of High School, Postsecondary and Career Education. While the flow of information to readers will continue uninterrupted, please look forward to these changes occurring in the weeks ahead.

blue flag bullet June Calls to States

America's Career Resource Network (ACRN) is the topic of the June phone call to State Directors of Career and Technical Education. Questions to frame the conversation include:

  • How is ACRN supporting comprehensive career guidance and academic counseling programs in the state from the State Directors' perspective?
  • What are some suggestions on successful/effective strategies to implement Section 118?
  • What changes/improvements could be made to Section 118 in the upcoming legislation?
  • What is the evidence that ACRN products and services are making a difference?

ACRN Directors may be available to help answer these questions

blue flag bullet Incentive Grant Review

OVAE is meeting with DOL-ETA this week to jointly review the 12 state application for incentive grants and provide comments back to the states.

blue flag bullet Upcoming Events

  • Regional Technical Assistance in Kansas City

    A regional technical assistance workshop will be provided to Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska July 9-10, 2002, on the topics of accountability, governance structure and reporting changes, consolidated applications, performance data as used in local applications, and fiscal issues such as maintenance of effort. This assistance will also include dealing with budget cuts affecting both maintenance of effort and governance structure related to loss of employees that cannot be replaced.

    WHERE: Kansas City, MO, Community College Business and Technology Center, 6899 Executive Drive, conference room #248

    TIME: Tuesday, July 9, 8:30 to 4:00; Wednesday, July 10, 8:30 to noon.

    The States will furnish material to presenters in advance that will help tailor the presentation to fit the four states. Len Lintner and Andrew Johnson of DVTE will conduct the presentations. Following the meeting, the state liaison will conduct on-going technical assistance for the specific concerns of each individual state. This is a pilot project designed to develop regional technical assistance for other parts of the country.

  • Train-the-Trainer Institute, Atlanta, August 8-9, 2002

    Information and Registration materials are available on http://www.edcountability.net under "Upcoming Events"

  • HHS's National Youth Summit, Washington, DC, June 27, 2002

    Gail Schwartz and Sharon Belli will make a presentation on the No Child Left Behind Act and OVAE's High School Excellence activities.

blue flag bullet Opportunity for Input on Accountability Measures

OVAE is providing the opportunity for you to take a role in shaping the accountability measures for reauthorization. Please review the questions from the recent Jacksonville Listening Session posted on the web at: www.edcountability.net and check out the message board. Some of your colleagues have already provided input. We look forward to hearing from all of you.

blue flag bullet Grant Awards to Expand Counseling Programs

The grant competition to support the expansion of counseling programs in elementary and secondary schools will make awards in September, 2002. Section 5421 of the No Child Left Behind Act, 2001, provides for the Secretary of Education to award grants to local education agencies (LEAs) that have an extremely high counselor-to-student ratio, propose innovative programs, and show the greatest potential for replication and dissemination. For more information, visit the following website: www.ed.gov/legislation/ESEA02/pg68.html. After the awards are made in September, a list will be posted on the SDFS program web site: www.ed.gov/offices/OSDFS in late September.

blue flag bullet Reminder for State CRN Offices

Applications for a third year extension will need to be turned in ASAP. To date only six applications have been received.

blue flag bullet Research Findings to be Presented at Upcoming Conferences

Reports from the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education will be presented at the following conferences:

June 30-July 2, 2002, Connection Classrooms, Communities and Careers. 10th Annual International Conference, Beaver Creek, CO

From Research To Practice: The Latest Findings from National Centers for Career and Technical Education. Presenter: James R. Stone III Research You Can Use: How Current Research Can Improve Your Programs. Presenter: James R. Stone III Unlocking the Potential of Low-Income and/or Minority Students Through Partnerships, Portfolios, 9th Grade Programs, and More. Presenters: Marisa Castellano & Sam Stringfield

July 11, 2002, High Schools that Work Conference, Louisville, KY The Quantity of High School Vocational Studies Matters: Increasing High School Completion Rates. Presenter: James R. Stone III

July 21, 2002, Georgia Career Technical Education Annual Conference From Research To Practice: The Latest Findings from National Centers for Career and Technical Education. Presenter: James R. Stone III

blue flag bullet Did You Know?

  • Please visit the new location for program memoranda, which provides guidance and other information issued by the Department related to the implementation of the Perkins Act.
  • In an effort to keep our office informed about any changes in contact information, title changes, address changes, email changes or telephone numbers, please submit your changes to Carole Gisriel.

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