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A Weekly Fact Sheet on Vocational and Technical Education Issues

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Edited by Ellen Kelly-Holland

blue flag bullet Preparing Award Documents

In order to begin processing the FY 2002 Basic Vocational Education and Tech Prep grants, staff will begin entering data into the Department of Education's automated Grant Administration and Payment System (GAPS) this week. Therefore, if there are any changes in grant award contact information, title, address, email, phone number, etc., please email Carole Gisriel immediately.

blue flag bullet Grant Applications to be Reviewed

OVAE staff will be reviewing incentive grant applications jointly with DOL-ETA during the next several weeks for those states that exceeded their performance levels in WIA Title I, Perkins III, and AEFLA.

blue flag bullet America's Career Resource Network (ACRN)

On Thursday, June 6, representatives from the ACRN project, OVAE, and National Training Support Center participated in a conference call concerning ACRN Communications and Outreach. The discussion revolved around www.acrnetwork.org and how it can best serve the network's need to maintain important partnerships among states. Another conference call is being planned for the week of June 24th to continue conversations on ACRN's Program Year 3 mission as it connects to the Department of Education's goals and priorities.

blue flag bullet Instructions for Renewal of ACRN Grants

Read the Federal Register Notice concerning Fiscal Year 2002 America's Career Resource Network grants, published May 29, 2002.

The following three items should be submitted:
ED Form No.524 www.ed.gov/offices/OCFO/grants/appforms/ed524frm.doc.

Please only fill in the first three columns of the budget form.

  • A Budget Narrative that explains the Project Year (PY)
  • A Statement of Work that includes the goals and activities for the PY 2002 year

Please keep in mind that you are required to submit a budget narrative and statement of work for this year only, Project Year 3, 2002. If you have carryover from 2001, please provide a section in your budget narrative including the amount of carryover and for what it will be used. Submit the required elements as soon as possible to:

Burt Carlson
U.S. Department of Education
Switzer Building
Room 4331
330 C Street, SW
Washington, DC 20202-7241

If you have questions about the second-year grant, please feel free to contact Burt Carlson by phone at 202-401-6225 or by e-mail at Burt.Carlson@ed.gov.

blue flag bullet Fact Sheet to Undergo Changes

This weekly fact sheet, "Perkins, Education and Technology," will be undergoing several changes shortly - in terms of content, format and message - to reflect the scope and mission of the new Division of High School, Postsecondary and Career Education. While the flow of information to readers will continue uninterrupted, please look forward to these changes occurring in the weeks ahead.

blue flag bullet Did You Know?

  • All guidance and other information issued by the Department related to the implementation of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-332) is being posted on this website at a regular basis.
  • In an effort to keep our office informed about any changes in contact information, title changes, address changes, email changes or telephone numbers, please email your changes to Carole Gisriel.

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Last Modified: 10/16/2007