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A Weekly Fact Sheet on Vocational and Technical Education Issues

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Edited by Ellen Kelly-Holland

Blue flag Incentive Grants Qualifications

DVTE has just completed its review of the states' performance data as reported on the Consolidated Annual Report (CAR). DVTE used "bundling" as the approach to determine which states exceeded their performance targets across secondary and postsecondary career and technical education. This approach was shared at the November Leadership Conference and is consistent with the approach used by both WIA Title I and Adult Education. The application and information regarding which states exceeded their performance targets will be published in the Federal Register shortly.

Blue flag Spring 2002 Occupational Outlook Quarterly Now Available

The Spring 2002 Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) Occupational Outlook Quarterly is now available on-line. This edition of the BLS publication focuses on the 2000-2010 job outlook, and offers some special items of interest to counselors and students, including resources for students with disabilities and assistance for starting a mentoring program. You can locate the publication on-line.

Blue flag Time to Enroll in the NDC Leadership Program

The National Dissemination Center for Career and Technical Education is presently taking applications for its 2002-2003 National Leadership Institute, a year-long commitment to developing leadership capability, understanding policy development processes, delineating a vision for career and technical education, understanding the future culture in which career and technical education will exist, and understanding how leaders, at all levels, can promote and ensure changes in complex settings.

The Leadership Institute program includes four national meetings, bi-weekly interactive webcasts dealing with critical issues in career and technical education, mentorships, and internships. For more information on the program, visit their website.

Blue flag Preparing America's Future: The High School Symposium

On April 4, 2002, Secretary Rod Paige and OVAE Assistant Secretary Carol D'Amico are hosting a morning discussion (webcast) on "Preparing America's Future: The High School Symposium". Instructions on how to access the webcast, may be found at: www.nccte.org. The Symposium will begin at 8:30 a.m. EST

Three panels will feature discussions on challenges facing today's high schools; preparing students for high achievement and postsecondary transitions; and the role of career and technical education in high school. Download the Microsoft Word document for all the details from the OVAE's website through the Upcoming Events Feature.

Blue flag America's Career Resource Network - Spring Meeting

America's Career Resource Network (ACRN) project directors and staff members, along with Association of Computer-based Systems of Career Information staff, guidance supervisors, OVAE staff, and National Training Support Center staff met in Alexandria, VA, for two and a half days for the second annual ACRN spring meeting. The focus was on soliciting recommendations from the network on how to proceed with this year's national and regional agendas in the areas of outcomes and research, reporting, publications and network support, training, and communications and outreach. Participants made many valuable recommendations. OVAE will send a letter to participants that will include where to access full discussion notes and a list of the prioritized recommendations via the web. Thank you to all the participants whose involvement made the meeting so successful. The federal office will continue to work with the state network to carry out the recommendations.

Blue flag Program Quality Institute

OVAE will launch the Program Quality Initiative (PQI) at the upcoming Program Quality Institute on May 13-14, 2002 in Jacksonville, Florida. States are encouraged to send state teams to explore a 5-step improvement process and share state and local practices in using data to improve performance. State teams should include postsecondary and secondary representatives including both data and program specialists.

The Program Quality Institute will feature state and local panelists and interactive sessions with peers and national content experts. State participants will receive a guidebook on the 5-step improvement process, summaries of current research and evaluation findings, and examples of state reports and local plan guidelines.

Go to www.edcountability.net to obtain the agenda and register.

Blue flag Calendar of Events

  • Program Quality Initiative Institute, May 13-14, 2002, Jacksonville, FL
  • Train-the-Trainer Institute, August 8-9, 2002, Atlanta, GA

Blue flag Did You Know?

  • All guidance and other information issued by the Department related to the implementation of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-332) is being posted on a regular basis.
  • In an effort to keep our office informed about any changes in contact information, title changes, address changes, email changes or telephone numbers, please submit your changes to Carole Gisriel.

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