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A Weekly Fact Sheet on Vocational and Technical Education Issues

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Edited by Ellen Kelly-Holland

blue flag bullet DVTE On-Site Monitoring Review of States Continues

This year's on-site review of state vocational programs, services, and activities that are supported by the Perkins legislation is currently being conducted. The compliance portion of the review serves as a tool to explore the various facets of vocational education in a state. The process affords reviewers the opportunity to address the quality of a state's vocational system. Key to this quality assessment is the degree to which a state's policies and procedures are being used to close the achievement gap for its vocational students, to decrease bureaucracy and increase flexibility for local programs, to increase options for parents and students, and to focus federal funding on those vocational programs, services, and activities that are proven to increase student achievement. If you have questions concerning the monitoring process, please contact your State Liaison.

blue flag bullet Prospects Bleak for Adults Lacking College

Adults lacking postsecondary learning will be short of job opportunities through 2008, says Educational Testing Service senior scholar Anthony Carnevale. Job seekers with educations below that of a typical dropout will qualify for just 9% of the new jobs created between 1998 and 2008. Others with education levels below an average high school graduate's will be prepared for only 21% of the new jobs created in that period. Job seekers with some postsecondary education will qualify for 36% of the new jobs. Folks with a bachelor's degree will be ready for 33% of new jobs through 2008. Salaries also track education, Carnevale notes. Dropouts in 1998 earned an average of $20,300 while earners with some college brought home $31,600 that year.

blue flag bullet ACRN's Spring Meeting

America's Career Resource Network (ACRN) spring meeting will be held at the Sheraton Suites in Alexandria, VA, beginning with a reception/resource showcase at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 19, 2002, and will conclude by noon on Friday, March 22, 2002. Attendance at this meeting is required under the terms of the CRN grant. The state guidance supervisors are invited to attend with ACRN project directors and other representatives.

State ACRN project directors received a registration package via e-mail Monday, February 11 with all pertinent information. For further information, or if you did not receive the registration package, contact Jennifer Graban.

blue flag bullet Calendar of Events

  • ACRN Spring Meeting, March 19-22, Alexandria, VA
  • Program Quality Initiative Institute, May 13-14, 2002, Jacksonville, FL
  • Train-the-Trainer Institute, August 8-9, 2002, Atlanta, GA

blue flag bullet Did You Know?

  • All guidance and other information issued by the Department related to the implementation of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-332) is being posted on this website at a regular basis.
  • In an effort to keep our office informed about any changes in contact information, title changes, address changes, email changes or telephone numbers, please email your changes to Carole Gisriel.

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