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AMIDEAST is a U.S.-based organization providing information on Middle Eastern education systems and promoting exchanges between the U.S. and countries within the region. The site provides extensive information, student resources, and other regional resources.

Arab Net: Magic Carpet is a a search engine and link list, organized by country, that includes links to education sites and institutions. Maintained by ANT Technologies, a subsidiary of Saudi Arabian Research and Marketing Group.

Association of Arab Universities (AARU) is an international cooperative association intended to foster better relations and academic initiatives among the higher education institutions of the member states of the Arab League. Includes documents, statistics, and a directory of institutional contact information and some links.

Islamic Academy of Sciences is the official web site of the international organization promoting scientific, technological, and related development and cooperation across the Islamic world. Extensive information and links.

1001 Sites.Com: Arab Internet Directory is the search engine and web directory of Arab World Online, providing extensive links organized by country, many of which are to education and research organizations and institutions.