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Additional Financial Support

Please check General Information, Undergraduate Level, and Graduate Level to learn about useful Web sites that have financial aid information as well as other information about studying abroad. Some information providers that specialize in financial aid-related information are described here.

General Financial Assistance Information

College Board Online provides general information and publications to assist students, parents, and professionals plan all aspects of financing a college education.

College Board FundFinder and Financial Aid Services is a comprehensive searchable database of financial assistance resources for all levels and types of study, complete with links.

Fast Web provides a search engine for seeking out and linking to financial assistance opportunities of all kinds.

Federal Financial Assistance

The U.S. Department of Education's Office of Postsecondary Education administers the largest student financial assistance program in the country. Federal loans and grants may be used for studying abroad if the student's U.S. institution, and the foreign institution, are both eligible to participate in these federal programs.

To find out what institutions are eligible, and to get the code numbers assigned to institutions (these have to be entered on the application forms), you should go to the Title IV School Code List.

To obtain information on the Student Financial Assistance Program, to obtain online copies of application forms, and to get help in applying, please go to the SFAP Student Guide.

For information on other federal programs, go to the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs http://exchanges.state.gov/ of the U.S. Department of State and the Inter-Agency Working Group on U.S. - Sponsored International Exchanges and Training http://www.iawg.gov/.

Financial Assistance for Studying Abroad

Institute of International Education (IIE) provides information and publications to assist students and professionals in searching for financial assistance for overseas study.

NASFAA Financial Aid Information Page provides extensive information on financial aid for study abroad, plus links.

Online Scholarship Database provides a linked searchable index to study abroad funding resources.

Assistance for Studying Specific Subjects

Please go to Graduate Level.