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Archived Information: Longitudinal Study of the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program
Archived Information

The Longitudinal Study of the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program was initiated in 1992 and is being conducted by Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International. The study's broad purpose is to assess the performance of the vocational rehabilitation (VR) program in assisting eligible individuals to achieve positive, sustainable economic and non-economic outcomes as a result of their receipt of VR services. This study, which tracks VR participation and post-VR experiences (for up to three years) of approximately 8,500 participants, is designed to answer questions associated with consumers' outcomes. The study also examines the environments in which services are provided and seeks to identify the affect these environments have on the program outcomes.

To date, the study has issued three of four final reports, three interim reports and one special sub-study. The most recent report released, third final report (MS Word (785K) | PDF (771K)), was issued in September 2005. This report concentrates on the context of VR services, including the local environment and local offices in which VR counselors and other staff arrange for or deliver services to VR consumers. The report also analyzes the influence of the environment and organizational characteristics of VR offices on the outcomes that VR consumers achieve as a result of VR services.


Last Modified: 05/11/2017