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OSERS: Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
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RSA, Contact and Feedback

Please feel free to contact RSA for further information or to provide your own thoughts and ideas on how we may better serve individuals with disabilities, their families and their communities. Please address letters to the following address:

Rehabilitation Services Administration
400 Maryland Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20202-2800

Phone: 202-245-7488

Find the contact information for particular RSA Staff members at https://rsa.ed.gov/people.cfm?openpanel=3

Additionally, RSA has designated state liaisons for each state and territory. See https://rsa.ed.gov/people.cfm?openpanel=2 for a list of the current liaisons.


To learn more about RSA—or use tools and download data—visit our Web portal at https://rsa.ed.gov or click on one of the links below.

Last Modified: 03/30/2017