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Opening Doors: Technology and Communication Options for Children with Hearing Loss

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The organizations and Web sites listed alphabetically below* are just some of the many sources of information on hearing loss and deafness. Each will lead you to more.

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
1-866-337-5220; 202-337-5220 (V); 202-337-5221 (TTY)
E-mail: info@agbell.org
Web: www.agbell.org

Visit the AG Bell Web site to learn about hearing loss, hearing technology and spoken language education opportunities.

American Academy of Audiology
1-800-222-2336; 703-790-8466 (V)
Web: www.audiology.org

Consumer guides, including: Early Infant Hearing Screening and Intervention and Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids. In Spanish, too!

American Academy of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery
703-836-4444 (V)
Web: www.entnet.org

Online overview of the cochlear implant.

American Society for Deaf Children
1-866-895-4206; 717-703-0073 (V/TTY)
E-mail: asdc@deafchildren.org
Web: www.deafchildren.org

ASDC Snapshots such as I Suspect My Baby Has a Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implants.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
1-800-638-8255; 301-897-5700 (V/TTY)
E-mail: actioncenter@asha.org
Web: www.asha.org

Hearing Loss and Hearing Screening and Assessment.

Hearing Loss Association of America
301-657-2248 (V); 301-657-2249 (TTY)
E-mail: info@hearingloss.org
Web: www.hearingloss.org

Visit the Hearing Loss Association of America's National Center for Hearing Assistive Technology and learn about hearing aids, cochlear implants and more.

Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center
202-651-5051 (V), 202-651-5052 (TTY)
E-mail: Clearinghouse.Infotogo@gallaudet.edu
Web: http://clerccenter.gallaudet.edu/InfoToGo

Hearing Aids and Other Assistive Devices: Where to Get Assistance and visit the Cochlear Implant Education Center.

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY)
1-800-695-0285 (V/TTY)
E-mail: nichcy@aed.org
Web: www.nichcy.org

Contact information for the early intervention system, parent groups, disability groups and PTI in your state.

Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (NECTAC)
919-962-2001 (V); 919-843-3269 (TTY)
E-mail: nectac@unc.edu
Web: www.nectac.org

Contact information for the early intervention system in your state.

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
1-800-241-1044 (V); 1-800-241-1055 (TTY)
E-mail: nidcdinfo@nidcd.nih.gov
Web: www.nidcd.nih.gov

Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants.

And you may wish to try these Web sites, too!





* The U.S. Department of Education has neither reviewed nor approved the information listed on the Web sites noted in this document, which are not part of the Department's Web site. No official endorsement by the U.S. Department of Education of any product, commodity, service or enterprise mentioned on these resource pages or in this publication is intended or should be inferred.


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