Disability Employment 101
August 2007
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Disability Employment 101 front cover.
Disability Employment 101.

OSERS is pleased to make available the updated Disability Employment 101. This guide is a comprehensive analysis of hiring employees with disabilities that includes information about how to find qualified workers with disabilities, how to put disability and employment research into practice and how to model what other businesses have done to successfully integrate individuals with disabilities into the workforce.

Among other things, the guide provides information regarding Department-funded vocational rehabilitation agencies, Disability and Business Technical Assistance Centers (DBTACs) and Centers for Independent Living (CILs). It also includes checklists and various other resources to aid employers as they prepare to employ people with disabilities.

You may also wish to peruse the Disability Employment 101's companion brochure, Disability Employment 101 For Your Business.

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Credits and Publication Information

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Letter from Margaret Spellings

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Lesson One: Finding Qualified Workers with Disabilities

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Lesson Two: Cultivating the Next Generation of Qualified Workers

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Lesson Three: Learning from Other Businesses

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Lesson Four: Putting Research into Practice in the Workplace

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Appendix I: Recommended Disability-Friendly Strategies for the Workplace

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Appendix II: Recommended Disability-Friendly Business Checklist

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Appendix III: Business Tax Credits and Reduced Labor Costs

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Appendix IV: Reasonable Accommodations and the ADA

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