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OSERS: Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
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OAS, Communications and Customer Service Team (CCST)

The Communications and Customer Service Team (CCST) team serves OSERS and its constituents from strategic, communications, and technical standpoints in the following major functional areas:

  • Public Liaison
    Develops and implements an OSERS Communication Strategy that promotes its mission, priorities and programs across the Department and with key stakeholders and constituents to best serve OSERS' diverse constituencies. CCST Incorporates a variety of strategies and communication avenues through press, social media, web publication, email, list servs, and infographics to ensure that OSERS messages are delivered timely prior to all events/announcements.

  • Media Inquiries
    Coordinates with OSERS colleagues on timely and accurate responses to media inquiries.

  • Information Product Development
    CCST undertakes OSERS information product development and production including: graphics, print and digital products, as well as Section 508 accessible alternative formats.

  • Digital Information Dissemination
    CCST develops and maintains both the OSERS' website and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) website. CCST also manages OSERS social media presence on such platforms as OSERS Blog, Twitter and YouTube.

  • Controlled Mail Correspondence
    CCST is the repository for OSERS official correspondence.

  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
    Coordinates responses to OSERS FOIA requests in collaboration with OSERS components.

  • Records Management
    Oversees and promotes efficient operations to ensure that OSERS follows policies and procedures as it relates to the Records Management Information Program.

Key Staff:

Director: Paul Steenen


Last Modified: 05/15/2023