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The Performance Information Management Service (PIMS)

The Performance Information Management Service (PIMS) is responsible for ensuring that existing and future performance-based, education-related data are available to help U.S. Department of Education staff and state administrators, among others, improve and strengthen policymaking, planning, and management through the use of data.

To accomplish this goal, PIMS has developed EDFacts, a multidimensional data system that includes (1) an electronic submission system that receives data from states, districts and schools; (2) analytical tools for analysis of submitted data; and (3) reporting tools for Department staff and data submitters to ensure better use of those data. EDFacts shares the same data network as the Grant Administration and Payment System (GAPS), thereby additionally allowing analysis and reporting of select grants management data provided by grantees and Department staff. For more detailed information on EDFacts, please access www.ed.gov/edfacts.

The Department's key initiatives, such as No Child Left Behind, and its strategic objectives cannot be achieved without a robust, effective data management system supported by the right policies, processes, and information systems. An essential principle of No Child Left Behind is that meaningful student performance data be available to parents, educators, policymakers, and the public. This data is critical to parents and educators in assessing student academic performance and in making the right choices about how best to educate the nation's children.

PIMS key goals are to:

PIMS key strategies ensure the attainment of these goals and reflect PIMS critical responsibilities.

For more information on the Performance Information Management Service (PIMS), contact Ross Santy, Director of PIMS, at ross.santy@ed.gov.

Last Modified: 06/30/2011