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Most of the State Service programs above are not currently funded. For more information, refer to individual program Web sites.

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Discretionary grant competitions ED-wide

About the State Service

The State Service fosters quality postsecondary education by promoting access to institutions and degree completion through opportunities and initiatives at the state agency level. The three major components of the State Service area are state liaison, grant programs, and accountability reports.

State Liaison. The State Service works cooperatively with officials of the state departments of education, higher education coordinating boards, state licensing agencies and accrediting agencies to promote communication and cooperation on issues affecting states', accrediting agencies', and federal government higher education agendas.

Grant Programs. The Service has several grant programs that support state efforts to improve the quality of education and increase access to and success in postsecondary education. These are listed above.

Accountability Reports. This service also collects national data on teacher preparation and service obligation from states and prepares mandatory reports for the Department and Congress on an annual basis.

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