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Annual Performance Report Letter to Talent Search and Educational Opportunities Centers Project Directors

October 2010

Dear Talent Search and EOC Project Directors:

It is time to prepare your annual performance report (APR) for program year 2009–10. The deadline for submitting the APR is November 30, 2010. This year the Web application will "go live" on October 18 so as to allow you additional time to prepare and submit your report, which will be the last of the three reports (2007–08, 2008–09, and 2009–10) we will use to calculate your prior experience (PE) points in the current grant cycle. It is essential that all grantees submit their 2009–10 APRs no later than November 30, so that we can complete PE calculations concurrently with the review of applications under the 2011 competitions for new grants. As you know, the PE points your project earns will be combined with scores assigned your application by the peer reviewers to determine a total score for your application.

On October 18, then, you will be able to access the APR Web site maintained by our data processing contractor via the following TRIO Web addresses:

Once at the contractor's Web site, you will need to register; you may do so well in advance of actually submitting the report. So as to allow time to resolve any problems that may occur with registration, we ask you to register as early as possible. We also strongly suggest that you prepare your APR as soon as you can so that you will have time to contact the Help Desk and/or your program specialist about any questions or problems you may have, and so that you will have ample time to check the accuracy of your data.

How the report is organized: The format and content of this year's APR are unchanged from last year. As you may recall, for both programs, Section I requests basic identifying information about the project, while Section II covers demographics and requests data on target schools. Sections III and IV reflect the standard objectives found on the Program Profile page of the 2006 application packages for Talent Search (page 74) and EOC (page 75); these sections appear in separate versions for the two programs so as to reflect their differing sets of standard objectives.

EOC objectives B, C, and D: We would like to remind EOC projects that, for the three standard objectives referring to participants not already enrolled in a postsecondary school, the instructions for the APR specify that this means those not enrolled in postsecondary education at the time of first service in the budget period. Thus, those not enrolled in postsecondary education at the outset of the budget period would include, for example:

  • a high school senior
  • a high school graduate or GED recipient who never previously enrolled in a postsecondary program
  • an adult who began college several years ago but dropped out and now wants to try again.

These are examples only and do not cover all possibilities.

Thank you for the time and effort you dedicate to performance reporting each year and for your commitment to providing complete and accurate data. Please retain source documents in a readily accessible form so that they can be verified during an on-site visit. If you encounter technical problems accessing the Web site or using the Web application, please contact the Help Desk using instructions provided at the site. Also remember that after you submit the completed APR electronically you must also submit, via fax, a signed copy of Section I of the report form that certifies that the information submitted electronically is readily verifiable and that the information reported is accurate and complete. The fax number is (703) 832-1360. Should you have questions regarding the performance report requirements, please contact your program specialist directly. To ascertain your program specialist's name, telephone number, and e-mail address, please visit http://www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ope/trio/staffdirectory-cupt.html.

Geraldine G. Smith
Team Leader
College and University Preparation Team
Federal TRIO Programs


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