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Finding Program Information on the U.S. Department of Education Web Site

Navigating to the OPE Program Web Sites

Nearly all U.S. Department of Education programs have their own separate Web site on ED.gov. These sites provide information regarding grant competitions, program contacts, eligibility, funding recipients, program legislation, regulations, and other information of interest to potential applicants, grantees, and others.

The OPE program sites are just a few clicks away from the ED.gov home page. At the bottom of the ED home page, and nearly all other pages on the ED.gov site, there are navigation links to popular subject areas such as Research & Statistics, Policy, and Funding.

To navigate easily to the OPE program Web sites, look in the About ED group of links.

About ED

  • Initiatives
  • ED offices
  • Senior staff
  • Political appointees
  • Contact
  • Boards, committees
  • Budget, performance
  • Annual reports
  • Jobs at ED
  • Inspector General
  • FAQs
  • Online services
  • Open Government
  • White House Initiatives
  • Recursos en español

Click on ED Offices. From here, scroll down to Office of Postsecondary Education. Click on the Home Page link. This takes you to the OPE Home Page. Once here, in the navigation menu at the top of the page, click on Programs/Initiatives. This will take you to a page listing all of the OPE programs and providing links to all of the program sites.

If you're looking for all ED programs, these can be found in a variety of ways. ED programs can be sorted by subject, alphabetically by program name, and by CFDA number. You can also do a search of the ED program sites.

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Navigating Within the Program Web Sites

Program Web sites on ED.gov have a consistent organization and consistent content categories. Accessing any program Web site you’ll find the same navigation menu at the top of each page.

For each ED program Web site, content is organized by the categories included in the navigation menu. In some program sites there may not be content in all ten of these categories. In these cases, the content category will not be an active link in the navigation menu. All program sites will have at least a Purpose page, an Eligibility page, and a Contacts page. The table below summarizes what will be found on each of the ten main program Web site pages.

Purpose Includes the CFDA number, type of grants (e.g. discretionary, formula), and general information about the program. This is the program home page. If there is program news, a What’s New box will be on this page.
Eligibility Identifies who is eligible for funding. For OPE programs, program eligibility is summarized on the Eligibility Chart.
Applicant Info Information about grant competitions and how to apply for funding, timelines, and links to Federal Register notices.
Awards Lists of grantees funded through the program. Also included may be abstracts of funded projects.
Performance Information regarding grantee reporting requirements, program performance measures, data analyses, and related information.
Funding Status Annual program budget information, often including a breakdown of how previous year funding was allocated between new awards and non-competing continuation awards, as well as average grant amounts.
Laws, Regs, & Guidance Links to the authorizing program statute, program regulations, and guidance such as the OMB Grants Management Circulars.
Resources Publications or reports about the program, events notices, related Web sites, and other related information.
FAQs Includes frequently asked questions and answers.
Contacts Program contact information, key staff, and/or program project officers.

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Last Modified: 09/21/2011