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Academic Perestroika: Teaching, Learning, and the Faculty's Role
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About Philip Treisman

This is an edited transcript of Philip Uri Treisman's FIPSE lecture, "Academic Perestroika: Teaching, Learning, and the Faculty's Role in Turbulent Times." The lecture was delivered on the evening of March 8, 1990, at California State University, San Bernardino. A transcription was made by Lynn Rudloff from a recording made by Joel Nossoff. The transcription was edited for publication by Joel Nossoff, with the assistance of Rose Asera, Genevieve Arthur McCaffrey, Jacqueline P. McCaffrey, and Philip Uri Treisman.

Philip Uri Treisman is currently Director of the Dana Center for Mathematics and Science Education at the University of Texas, Austin. He is widely regarded as one of the leading experts on the development of programs aimed at increasing minority participation in mathematics at all levels. For this work, he received the 1987 Charles Dana Award for Pioneering Achievement in American Higher Education. In 1989, Newsweek selected him as one of 25 Americans on the leading edge of innovation, one of three in education. He is an active member of many national committees, advisory boards, and commissions concerned with mathematics education and mathematical and scientific manpower.

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