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Chief Privacy Office (CPO)

Privacy Safeguards Division

The Department of Education (ED) has approximately 4,000 employees whose mission-critical work is supported by more than 12,000 contractors. The work of many ED employees and contractors requires access to personal information entrusted to the department by more than 20,000,000 individuals a year, including students, parents, grantees, peer reviewers, and from employees and contractors as well. Ensuring compliance with sound privacy practices is critical as the volume of personal information that ED handles continues to grow.

Through its role as ED’s leader in privacy policy, implementation, education, training, and outreach, the Privacy Safeguards Division raises employees’ awareness of privacy issues, demonstrates how employees can safeguard the personally identifiable information (PII) that ED utilizes, and fosters a culture of accountability for protecting PII within the Department.

About Us

Privacy Safeguards Division Initiatives:

  • Develops and provides outreach to promote a culture of privacy and respect for fair information principles across ED
  • Develops and updates general privacy training for all ED staff and contractors; and specialized role-based privacy training for senior officials, system administrators and others
  • Provides guidance and reviews ED Compliance Documents including Privacy Threshold Analyses (PTAs) and Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) to ensure they are conducted in compliance with the E-Government Act of 2002
  • Provides guidance, coordination, and review of System of Records Notices (SORNs) in compliance with the Privacy Act of 1974
  • Coordinates the full range of department-wide privacy safeguards activities
  • Ensures ED policies comply with federal regulatory requirements and legislative mandates governing those activities
  • Develops department-level privacy policy, procedures, and guidelines that implement federal laws and regulations; and
  • Works closely with CIO managers to ensure that data privacy is integrated in new ED systems, processes, and products as well as throughout the investment lifecycle.
  • Coordinates agency response to data breach incidents

ED Compliance Documents

Legislation, Regulations, and OMB Directives

Contact Us

For more information about ED's privacy safeguards program, contact the Privacy Safeguards Division via email at privacysafeguards@ed.gov.

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Last Modified: 03/20/2017