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C. Facilities Services

Facilities Services (FS) provides the highest quality physical work environment for all Department of Education (Department) occupied space. FS partners with other Department offices and the General Services Administration (GSA) to establish and implement policies, standards and procedures for the design, construction, furnishing, operation, maintenance and repair of all Department Headquarters and Regional office buildings. FS delivers project management to include space planning and facility management. FS advises senior level staff and serves as liaison with GSA on all building related matters. FS is divided into two (2) Customer Service components, consisting of two Customer Services Divisions, A and B. Division A and B perform similar functions and work closely together. Division A is primarily focused on Government-owned facilities and Division B is primarily focused on leased facilities.

The Facilities Services Director’s Office is responsible for the management and oversight of the FS budget formulation and execution processes to include the review and processing of Reimbursable Work Authorizations (RWAs), Purchase Orders, and Interagency Agreements for FS functions.

Customer Services Division A and B’s responsibilities include daily service to occupants of Department buildings in the metropolitan DC area, ensuring Department facilities are maintained and operated in accordance with agency and federal policy and procedures. The functions are performed in coordination with GSA representatives, to ensure that efficient building operations are provided in Department buildings. In performing its responsibilities, routine building inspections are conducted to ensure the areas occupied are free of housekeeping and maintenance problems.

Both Customer Service components provide a single point of contact, per facility/building, for requesting workplace services including but not limited to the following: Locks/Keys, Room Set-ups, Plumbing, Cleaning, Delivery of Copy Paper, Office Moves, Lights, Trash, Asset Management, Hot/Cold Calls, Furniture, Ceiling Tiles, and Restroom Supplies. Other responsibilities include: space inspections/assessments; the acquisition, disposal and accountability of space; development of space criteria; space planning; space design; recommendations/approvals of designs; furniture reconfigurations; construction and final acceptance of space; renovations; relocations; program of requirement development; design intent drawing reviews (space standards); construction drawing reviews; scope of work development/review; cost estimating; develop and communicate project plans/schedules; contracting officer representative duties; preparation of procurement requests and reimbursable work authorizations; budget requests and tracking; and customer communications.

Specific instructions for both Headquarters and Regional employees as to what procedures to follow to obtain services are contained in ACS Directive OM 4-116, Facilities Services, in part VII.C.

Space is assigned in accordance with the ACS Directive OM 4-103, Space Management, and in accordance with current Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standards.

In addition, the Services is responsible for establishing and maintaining a compliant and effective asset management control system, which includes performing physical inventory surveys. It also manages the Department’s Surplus Property and Disposal Programs. The Services is responsible for safety, environmental response, Automated External Defibrillators, environmental testing (indoor air quality), safety and health committees, safety inspections and environmental health issues.

FS works closely with Principal Offices, GSA and external contractors to perform the below tasks:

  • Develops housing plans for all components within the Department;
  • Negotiates the terms, conditions, and cost of occupancy agreements with GSA and manages the Department’s rent budget;
  • Monitors and manages the assignment of space throughout the Department;
  • Executes policies, procedures, and standards for space management for headquarters and the regions;
  • Conducts space utilization reviews and surveys to develop requirements for general and special purpose office layouts;
  • Manages, monitors, and tracks all Federal and commercial leases for Department occupied space;
  • Maintains computer aided design drawings (CADD) for all buildings;
  • Provides furniture design, acquisition, delivery and installation services;
  • Provides space designs and coordinates renovations or relocations to support the goals and objectives of the Department’s mission;
  • Provides expert solutions and advice to Department officials of space management and planning matters;
  • Provides expert solutions for accessibility issues (to include disabilities) related to fire safety, motor pool, and vehicle safety;
  • Plans, develops and implements an occupational health program consisting of consultative, technical, training, and evaluation services for Department work locations, employees, and other Federal agencies;
  • Conducts investigations of health complaints, occupational accidents, injuries and illnesses. Reviews findings of unhealthy working conditions (including employee requests for medically-related accommodations) with department officials, employee groups, representatives of the disabled, Union officials and individual employees;
  • Develops and administers comprehensive physical programs with attention to the ergonomic aspects of employees’ relationship to their working environment to promote and maintain employee health, including the arrangement of appropriate training through Training and Development Center;
  • Performs Occupational Safety and Health functions as they relate to implementation of OSHA standards;
  • Maintains an on-going effort to assess employee safety-related needs and develops corrective action plans, in conjunction with other OM offices and Principal Offices throughout Department to enhance overall employee safety;
  • Establishes and maintains a facility inspection process and conducts investigations of safety complaints, occupational accidents, and injuries; and
  • Reviews findings of unsafe working conditions with Department officials, employee groups, representatives of the disabled, Union officials and individual employees.


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Last Modified: 05/08/2013