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A. The Immediate Office of the Assistant Deputy Secretary

The Immediate Office of the Assistant Deputy Secretary provides overall direction, coordination, and leadership to staff of the Office. The Immediate Office sets priorities, provides policy guidance, develops communications, and coordinates activities with the Offices of the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and Under Secretary.

In addition, an Executive Office reports to the Assistant Deputy Secretary through the Associate Assistant Deputy Secretary for Improvement and Reform.

Executive Office Staff

The Executive Office Staff headed by an Executive Officer, in consultation with the Assistant Deputy Secretary, Associate Assistant Deputies, and Program Directors, is responsible for the guidance and leadership of strategic and program planning, budget development, and management operations for OII.

In performing its responsibilities, the Staff:

  • Provides guidance and leadership for strategic planning and performance measurement and evaluation.
  • Serves as a liaison with the Office of the Under Secretary, the Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs, the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, and the Office of Management regarding legislation and budget affecting OII program and operations.
  • Coordinates the preparation of the Assistant Deputy Secretary's testimony for congressional authorization, oversight, and confirmation hearings.
  • Coordinates preparation of budget requests and implementation of enacted appropriations.
  • Provides a leadership role in the development of strategies to implement OII management improvement.
  • Coordinates personnel activities, including employee development, incentives, payroll liaison, recruitment, and labor-management partnership issues.
  • Coordinates administrative and management functions related to budget execution and financial administration, small purchases procurements, and facilities and equipment.
  • Manages the OII Executive Secretariat.


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Last Modified: 07/26/2005