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Investigation Services (EFI)

Investigation Services (IS) is responsible for all investigative activities relating to the Department's programs and operations and the prevention and detection of fraud and abuse in these programs and operations. IS also conducts, supervises, and coordinates investigations of suspected fraudulent activity by Departmental employees. IS maintains the Hotline and accompanying systems for the receipt, screening, and disposition of alleged violations of laws, rules and regulations mismanagement, or suspected fraud and waste in the utilization of Departmental funds.  IS is responsible for establishing the necessary procedures for coordination with the Department of Justice on all criminal matters dealing with ED's programs and operations.

The IS function is performed under the management of the headquarters and Regional offices which report to the Assistant Inspector General for Investigation through the Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Investigation.  The Regional offices, each of which may have field offices and duty stations reporting to it, are:  Boston/New York; Washington/Philadelphia; Atlanta; Chicago; and Long Beach.

Specific functions of Investigation Services include the following:

  • Develops policies, criteria, and procedures for investigations in conformance with Federal laws, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, court decisions, legal opinions, and advice from the Department of Justice.
  • Conducts special projects and analyses.
  • Conducts investigations and other activities in accordance with appropriate policies and procedures in cases of alleged fraud and abuse or identified vulnerabilities in programs and operations administered or financed by the Department.  These include but are not limited to allegations of fraud and abuse by contractors, grantees, educational or financial institutions, or individuals.  Prepares and submits reports of investigation or other appropriate reports.
  • Performs internal investigations relating to the Department's employees.
  • Recommends changes needed in the Department's existing or proposed legislation, regulations, policies, procedures, standards, and criteria to promote economy and efficiency in its programs and operations and to prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • Participates in Department of Justice intergovernmental task forces on program fraud and abuse.  In addition, refers matters where there are reasonable grounds to believe there was a violation of Federal criminal law to the Department of Justice for consideration of prosecution; and provides assistance to the Department of Justice as requested in regard to such actions.
  • Executes search warrants and services subpoenas.


Last Modified: 05/20/2020