Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization

The mission of the OSDBU as defined in Public Law 95-507 is to implement the functions and duties in Sections 8, 15 and 31 of the Small Business Act as amended. OSDBU works to create an environment for maximum practicable participation by small, small disadvantaged, women, historically underutilized business (HubZone), and Service Disabled Veterans in the Department of Education’s (ED) procurements and subcontracting opportunities available through ED prime contractors, and is responsible and accountable for the leadership, direction, and supervision of ED’s small business initiatives and for the enforcement of the provisions of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) under Part 19.

Functional Activities

  • Acquisition Planning – Considering contracting or subcontracting opportunities for small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, women-owned small business concerns, historically underutilized business zones, and Service Disabled Veterans.
  • Market Research - Identifying, qualified small businesses that can execute on the acquisition business needs of the ED.
  • Small Business Outreach – Hosting outreach efforts to educate small businesses about the ED’s contract needs, which includes planning and coordinating internal and external small business outreach events.
  • Business Systems – Managing the collection and exchange of small business data using technology to create transparency and accountability, leading to a supportable data base system to improve in the exchange of information between OSDBU, program offices, and the acquisition staff (Contracting Officers and Contract Specialist).

Last Modified: 12/19/2018