Office of Acquisition Management/Deputy Chief Acquisition Officer

The Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Acquisition and Management (DAS-AM) leads the Department of Education toward effective, efficient, and accountable Acquisition Management, enhancing the mission by building an end-to-end Acquisition Lifecycle Framework (ALF) which includes oversight, workforce development, policy development, supply chain management, business systems, and contract execution. Providing leadership strategically focused on delivering better outcomes, driving behavior changes, implementing innovative solutions for improved Program Performance leading to ED mission success.

Immediate office led by the DAS-AM also serving as the Deputy Chief Acquisition Officer and Senior Procurement Executive (DCAO & SPE) reports directly to the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Finance and Operations. The DCAO&SPE is responsible for ED-wide Acquisition Management with two distinct functional areas required to assure department-wide Acquisition Management:

Strategic Acquisition Management Initiatives (SAMI)

The Director of SAMI reports to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Acquisition and Management (DAS-AM) and provides leadership and direction to the SAMI Staff.

In carrying out its responsibilities, Sami provides the following functional activities:

  • Acquisition Policy – Building on federal mandates and regulatory guidance develop and manage the direction of acquisition policy for the Department. Ensure compliance when making acquisition decisions.
  • Business Systems – Managing the collection and exchange of acquisition data using technology to create transparency, accountability, and acquisition lifecycle reform -- leading to supportable data based decisions and improvements in the exchange of information between the government and the public.
  • Acquisition Supply Chain Management - Providing support and monitoring the performance of ED acquisition activities related to various federal initiatives. Conduct oversight and internal control reviews of the acquisition function in accordance with OMB Circular A-123 specific to acquisition.
  • Workforce Development - Build, enable, and sustain a knowledgeable workforce that can execute on the acquisition business needs of the Department.

Contracts and Acquisitions Management (CAM)

CAM reports to the DAS-AM. CAM is responsible contract execution (solicitation, award, administration, and closeout of all contracts) and other acquisition instruments for the Department including the ten Regional Offices, but excluding FSA. CAM mission is to proactively lead the acquisition process, planning, negotiating, awarding and administering contracts, advancing the Department’s mission to serve America’s students.

In carrying out its responsibilities, the Immediate Office:

  • Supports ED’s socioeconomic goals through advocacy for appropriate use of small business prime and sub-contracting authorities, within applicable Federal and Departmental laws, regulations, guidelines and procedures.
  • Advocates for adequate competition in procurements throughout the Department.
The Director, CAM, reports to the DAS-AM. The Director is responsible for the overall management of the CAM’s procurement functions and provides leadership and coordination to the immediate office staff and to the following components:
  • Program Contracts Group
  • Operations Contracts Group
  • Education Sciences Contracts Group
  • Performance and Logistics Group

Program Contracts Group/ Operations Contracts Group/Education Sciences Contracts Group.

Each of the Contracting Groups provides contracting and acquisition support to designated client offices and has the identical functions.

In carrying out its responsibilities, each group:

  • Develops acquisition plans in conjunction with program offices and advises clients on the preparation of requirement descriptions (statements of work), contractor performance measures, evaluation criteria and other aspects of the procurement process.
  • Prepares and issues acquisition solicitations, reviews incoming proposals and bids for conformity with requirements, and advises program offices in the evaluation of these materials.
  • Negotiates with offerors, performs pre-award reviews as necessary to assess the technical and business management capacity of offerors, makes source selection decisions, and awards contracts and other acquisition instruments and debriefs offerors.
  • Administers acquisition instruments including monitoring, providing assistance, reviewing and accepting interim and final deliverables and reports, reviewing and approving payments, assessing overall contract performance, reviewing and approving modifications, executing terminations as necessary, and closing out contracts.

Performance and Logistics Group

The Performance and Logistics Group provides support internally to the Director of CAM and other CAM staff, and externally to the Department’s principal offices. In carrying out its duties, the Group:
  • Administers the Department-wide Acquisition Planning Process.
  • Coordinates the certification programs for the Department’s Acquisition Professionals (i.e. contracting officers, Contracting officer’s representatives, and project managers).
  • Prepares, publishes, and controls ED guides, handbooks, brochures, internet web site content and other materials governing CAM’s acquisition processes.
  • Administers the Department's Government purchase card program.
  • Coordinates the agency’s electronic commerce activities.
  • Reviews CAM solicitations and pre-award contract documents for compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and other applicable regulations and statutes.
  • Conducts internal reviews of CAM’s acquisition activities.
  • Maintains the electronic contract data requirements for agency automated management systems and preparing internal and external procurement performance reports.
  • Administers contract closeout activities.
  • Develops, recommends, establishes, implements, and maintains acquisition policies, regulations, procedures, and procurement performance measures for CAM, consistent with applicable Federal and Departmental laws, regulations, guidelines and procedures.
  • Provides guidance to CAM on acquisition-related policies issued by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP), General Services Administration, Office of Management and Budget, and other authorities.


Last Modified: 12/21/2018