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The Special Initiatives Division has lead responsibility for special initiatives and activities that will strengthen and enhance the work of the office and others in supporting and addressing services to ELL students. The Division will accomplish this mission by overseeing and drawing together critical office and Department requirements under NCLB including Strategic Planning, GPRA requirements and Performance Indicators under the Planning and Performance Management Database (PPMD), Information Technology (IT) and Website resources, One-ED, Scientifically Based Research (SBR) initiatives, the National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition (NCELA), and other appropriate resources. Working under the leadership of the Director and in close working relationship with the other OELA Divisions, the SI Division will work to link resources and information, promote and enhance the involvement of families in the educational process, and support and undertake special initiatives to coordinate, strengthen and unify services to ELLs across the office, the Department, with SEAs, LEAs and other ELL service providers.
In carrying out its responsibilities, the SI Division:

  • Has lead responsibilities for the PPMD and keeping the Office of the Assistant Deputy Secretary and Director and the Divisions apprised of changes and requirements in the PPMD and supporting their work in accomplishing the outlined strategic goals and objectives and the GPRA performance indicators.
  • Supports OELA involvement in One-ED maintaining the OELA Ask ED Customer Referral Tool at maximum utility, and supports other One-ED initiatives as specified by the Assistant Deputy Secretary and Director.
  • Oversees the content of the OELA Website; support and maintenance of the OELA website and other Information Technology and computer based systems will be under the executive office.
  • Oversees the Title III Clearinghouse activities, maximizing its resources in service to the office, Department, SEAs, LEAs and others seeking services for ELL students.
  • Places special emphasis on family partnerships, working to emphasize and strengthen the involvement of ELL families in the educational process.
  • Supports and assists with OELA workshops, conferences and other initiatives as requested by the Assistant Deputy Secretary and Director.
  • Undertakes special initiatives as identified by the Assistant Deputy Secretary and Director and office leadership that will support and further the capacity of the office, the Department and others to better address the needs of ELLs.
  • Is alert for ways and opportunities to clarify and enhance office and field understanding and usage of SBR.
  • Has lead responsibility for staff development activities and works with other Divisions and across the office to implement and maintain an effective staff development plan.
  • Works to develop and promote collaboration and communication bridges and resource linkages wherever they can strengthen and/or enhance services to ELL students, be that across the office, the Department, with the field and with other ELL service providers.

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Last Modified: 01/26/2009