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Functions and Responsiblities of OCO Components

Immediate Office of the Assistant Secretary

  • The Immediate Office of the Assistant Secretary provides overall leadership and policy development for the Department's efforts to engage a wide variety of groups and the general public in the President's and Secretary's education agenda. The office designs, develops and coordinates specialized strategic communications, media and outreach efforts and provides management and direction to the organization’s components. The office provides policy advice to the Secretary on communications and outreach matters, articulates the Department's message, represents the Department's and Administration's positions to national news media on critical and sensitive issues and develops innovative communications strategies.  Senior staff positions in the Immediate Office include the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Outreach, Director of Communications (proposed new title, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications, and hereafter referred to as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications), and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management.
  • The Deputy Assistant Secretary for Outreach develops overall strategy and direction for public engagement at the national, state and local levels.
  • The Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications sets the overall communications strategy for written, digital, press, and communication in response to questions from the public.
  • The Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management is responsible for program accountability and provides overall direction and leadership to the career staff of the seven subdivisions within OCO:  Communications: Written Communications, Digital Strategy, Media and Customer Relations; Outreach: National Public Engagement and State, Local Public Engagement and Rural and Community Engagement; and Management.