Intergovernmental Affairs

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C. Intergovernmental Affairs

Intergovernmental Affairs is responsible for outreach to State and local elected officials and the organizations that represent them, Chief State School Officers and District Superintendents, as well as to other Federal agencies. The office’s primary function is to communicate information about the Department’s initiatives, policies, and programs to State and local elected officials as well as to other Federal agencies, and to build partnerships to improve education for all children, including partnerships to leverage increased support for high academic standards and educational excellence.

The Director, Intergovernmental Affairs oversees and coordinates all aspects of the State and local intergovernmental operations; develops strategy and outreach activities for the continued implementation of the Department’s initiatives, as it relates to government groups to develop implement education related initiatives; and develops outreach strategy with other government agencies for the purpose of promoting initiatives. Further, the office serves as the Department’s principal policy advisor on interagency affairs, and coordinates Federal interagency outreach activities. Through interagency agreements and commitments, the component facilitates collaboration among Federal agencies to address education issues.


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Last Modified: 10/21/2010