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B. External Affairs and Outreach Services

Outreach and External Affairs is responsible for the outreach to parents, teachers, advocacy groups, think tanks, association, foundations and the business community, as well as for special-focus outreach, including Hispanic, African American, the disabled community, Native American, Asian, and other populations, with special emphasis on under-served groups. The office also conducts outreach to the corporate community by promoting business and community partnerships for learning—proving information and resources to educators, business and community members who are interested in establishing and accelerating partnerships. The office helps businesses foundations, private foundations, non-government associations and selected work groups connect their resources with education officials who are working to promote and support improvement in education. In addition, the office over sees the solicitation of contributions to the Department to support various programs, events and functions where government funds may not be used.

The Deputy Assistant for Outreach/External Affairs is also responsible for oversight of OCO's conference and exhibit program through an Exhibits and Agency-Wide Outreach Team.

Exhibits and Agency-Wide Outreach Team

The Exhibits and Agency-Wide Outreach Team develops conference and exhibit programs which allow the Department to provide information and reference material to the general public and targeted audiences on various White House and Secretary programs and initiatives.

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Last Modified: 10/21/2010