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The Immediate Office of the Chief Financial Officer provides overall direction, coordination, and leadership to the following elements:

  • Financial Improvement and Post Audit Operations;
  • Financial Management Operations; and
  • Contract and Acquisitions Management; and
  • Enterprise Procurement Initiatives.

Executive Office

Within the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, the Executive Office is responsible for: establishing procurement priorities and schedules; coordinating all procurement activities; processing accounts payable for purchase and delivery orders; formulating and executing administrative, central ADP, and central telecommunications budgets; managing human and financial resources; developing internal administrative policies and procedures; directing and coordinating policy reviews of regulations, legislative documents, GAO reports; computer-based information systems; management analysis and correspondence control.

In performing its responsibilities, the Staff:

  • Serves as the principal liaison between OCFO's functional elements, providing guidance within OCFO governing procurement activities that support the Department's Education Central Automated Processing System (EDCAPS). The Staff functions as the primary source of administrative information within OCFO regarding procurement policies and procedures.
  • Manages procurement activities within OCFO, coordinating the preparation of procurement documents and the completion of required clearances; maintaining accurate records of individual activities; and paying invoices received from vendors.
  • Plans, formulates, and presents the personnel ceiling request and annual budgets for the Program Administration, central ADP, and central telecommunications accounts for all OCFO units and develops the annual fiscal spending and operating plans for these accounts.
  • Certifies funds availability and approves all expenditures and obligations for OCFO administrative and program accounts, ensuring compliance with the Anti-Deficiency Act. Maintains personnel ceiling control and performs all financial execution functions including analysis of monthly obligation document reports, status of funds reports, and the planned versus actual expenditure reports.
  • Operates OCFO's personnel management system including recruitments, promotions, employee development, performance appraisals, awards, and security investigations. Develops or reviews OCFO position descriptions and functional statements. Serves as liaison and coordinates performance appraisals and incentive award recommendations to assure adherence to budgetary constraints and departmental policies, directives, and regulations; and ensures their timely completion.
  • Serves as the Principal Office's EEO representative, acting as a liaison between OCFO and EEO.
  • Manages the functions of the correspondence control unit, assigning documents to appropriate OCFO staff for review and clearance. Assists the Office's major elements in the preparation and production of OCFO reports, submissions, documents, and testimony; and reviews drafts and final versions of these materials.
  • Coordinates and monitors the receipt and distribution of grant applications to Principal Offices.
  • Designs, plans, and executes OCFO office automation activities, ADP equipment acquisitions, and the relevant application of all aspects of Department ADP Security program; recommends the most efficient approach in terms of configuration, security, and capacity for OCFO's present and future needs.
  • Serves as OCFO's Contracting Officer, ADP Security Representative, Personnel Security Representative, Freedom of Information Officer, and Records Management Representative.
  • Provides all administrative and facilities management services for OCFO employees including space planning, payroll liaison, property inventory control, travel, training, supplies, and health and safety.
  • Also serves as the Executive Office for the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Last Modified: 07/30/2015