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V. Primary Delegations of Authority

The Secretary has delegated the following authorities to the Chief Financial Officer, subject to certain reservations:

  • Authority to perform all financial management, financial control, and accounting functions in accordance with the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990, P.L. 101-576.
  • Authority to compromise collection of indebtedness to the Department of Education.
  • Authority to review and decide initial challenges under the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act if 1998, P.L. 105-270 (FAIR Act).
  • Appointment as the ED's Competitive Sourcing Official and authority to perform all management functions to implement Circular No. A-76 for the Department.
  • Authority for assessment of liquidated damages in accordance with the Contract Work Hour and Safety Standards Act, P.L. 87-581
  • Appointment as ED's Chief Acquisition Officer and authority to perform management functions dealing with any and all acquisition activities and programs for the Department
  • Authority as Audit Follow-Up Official and authority to oversee audit follow up, resolution of monetary findings, and to sign Program Determination Letters.

The Secretary has also delegated to all Principal Officers general administrative authorities subject to certain reservations.


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Last Modified: 06/23/2009