Archived Information: US Department of Education Principal Office Functional Statements
Office of Federal Student Aid
Archived Information

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Organization Charts

  • FSA Organizational Chart MS Word (211 KB)
  • Immediate Office of the Chief Operating Officer MS Word (265 KB)
  • Technology MS Word (93 KB)
  • Finance MS Word (200 KB)
  • Performance Management MS Word (171 KB)
  • Customer Experience MS Word (206 KB)
  • Administrative Services MS Word (191 KB)
  • Risk Management MS Word (172 KB)
  • Program Compliance MS Word (222 KB)
  • Business Operations MS Word (251 KB)
  • FSA Acquisitions MS Word (176 KB)
  • Enforcement MS Word (33KB)

FSA Delegations of Authority may be found at

Last Modified: 05/20/2020