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OM: Office of Management
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Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE)

Assistant Secretary for Postsecondary Education
Date DOA Number Title of Delegation Redelegation
9/4/1992 EA/EP/183 Authority Under 34 CFR Part 8 Regarding Demands for Testimony or Records in Legal Proceedings (MS Word, 80KB)
11/7/1995 EA/EP/242 Authority to Accept Gift of Travel Provided By ED Employees (MS Word, 86KB)
7/31/1996 EA/EP/244 Authority to File Written Objections to OPM Under 5 USC, §3595(b)(3)(B) (MS Word, 81KB)
4/11/2008 EAR/EP/350 Authority to perform functions related to the award, management and oversight of grants and cooperative agreements (MS Word, 81KB)
2/2/2010 EAR/EP/350-A Amendment to delegation EAR/EP/350 to include the authority to approve State applications, consolidated State applications, State plans, and consolidated State plans for formula grants (MS Word, 81KB)
4/25/2012 EA/EP/357 Primary Delegation of Programmatic Authority Under the Higher Education Act of 1965, As Amended (MS Word, 81KB)
2/26/2015 EA/EP/391 Delegation to perform functions and duties of Assistant Secretary of OPE (PDF, 81KB)

Executive Officer, Executive Staff
Date DOA Number Title of Delegation Redelegation
1/15/1999 EP/EP-G/340 Authority to Certify Fund Availability Pursuant to Title 31 of the U.S. Code (MS Word, 80KB)
11/2/2010 EP/EP1/356 Authority to approve travel within the Continental United States and non-foreign travel area (MS Word, 86KB)

Personal Delegation to Barbara English
Date DOA Number Title of Delegation Redelegation
4/14/2015 EP/EP2/392 Authority to serve as Action Official in issuing the Request for Closure/Certification Memorandum (PDF, 80KB)

Last Modified: 06/22/2015