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OM: Office of Management
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Office of Elementary & Secondary Education (OESE)

Assistant Secretary for Elementary & Secondary ED
Date DOA Number Title of Delegation Redelegation
07/13/2015 EA/ES/95 Delegation of Authority to Perform the Duties of OESE Assistant Secretary (MS Word, 26.5KB)  
11/07/2014 EA/ES/94 Amendment to Delegation of Programmatic Authority (PDF, 104KB)  
06/13/2014 EA/ES/92 Delegation for certain appeals under the General Education Provisions Act (GEPA) (PDF, 111KB)  
02/03/2012 EA/ES/87 Primary delegation of programmatic authority for programs under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended, and other miscellaneous programs (PDF, 132KB)  
02/02/2010 EAR/ES/77-A Amendment to delegation EAR/ES/77 to include the authority to approve State applications and consolidated State applications, State plans and consolidated State plans for formula grants (PDF, 131KB)  
04/11/2008 EAR/ES/77 Authority to perform functions related to the award, management and oversight of grants and cooperative agreements (PDF, 132KB)  
06/12/2006 EA/ES/72 Authority to administer and utilize gift funds for the purpose of facilitating the work of the Department in Katrina relief and recovery efforts for pre-K and K-12 education (PDF, 60KB)  
07/31/1996 EA/ES/54 Authority to File Written Objections to OPM Under 5 USC, Sec. 3595 (b) (3) (B) (PDF, 80KB)  
11/07/1995 EA/ES/51 Authority to Accept Gifts of Travel Provided by ED Employees (PDF, 86KB)  
09/04/1992 EA/ES/42 Authority Under 34 CFR Part 8 Regarding Demands for Records or Testimony in Legal Proceedings (PDF, 80KB)  

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management
Date DOA Number Title of Delegation Redelegation
12/20/2012 ES/ES/90 Redelegation of Programmatic Authority to Review Ohio Department of Education’s Decision Regarding the Title I Complaint of Parents Advocates for Students in Schools (Personal Delegation to Alexander Goniprow) (PDF, 334KB)  
07/06/2012 ES/ES/89 Delegation of Authority to request closure, certification of internal audit reports (PDF, 170KB)  

Executive Officer, Management and Administrative Unit
Date DOA Number Title of Delegation Redelegation
08/13/2014 EA/ES1/93 Authority to make all logistical arrangements and obligate gift funds to pay the expenses related to carrying out the National Leadership Conference on School Discipline and School Climate (PDF, 13KB)  
11/02/2010 ET/ES1/84 Designation as Acting Executive Officer of OELA and delegation of authority to perform the administrative and management functions and duties of the position (PDF, 36KB)  
10/26/2010 ES/ES1/83 Authority to approve travel within the Continental United States and non-foreign travel areas (PDF, 110KB)  
01/08/1999 ES/ES1/65 Authority to Certify Fund Availability Pursuant to Title 31 of the U.S. Code (PDF, 105KB)  

Director, Impact Aid Programs
Date DOA Number Title of Delegation Redelegation
02/13/2012 ES/ESA/88 Authority to administer Title VIII of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended, 20 U.S.C. 7701 etseq. (PDF, 116KB)  


Last Modified: 01/20/2016