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OII: Office of Innovation and Improvement
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Office of Non-Public Education (ONPE)

1994 Elementary and Secondary Education Act
Programs Serving Private School Students and Teachers

Education for Disadvantaged Children, Title I, Part A of ESEA

Dwight D.Eisenhower Professional Development Program Title II

Reading Excellence Act, Title III of ESEA

Technology Education,Title III of ESEA

Safe and Drug-Free Schools, Title IV, ESEA

Innovative Education Program Strategies, Title VI, ESEA

Class Size Reduction Act, Title VI, ESEA

Bilingual Education Programs, Title VII, ESEA

Uniform Provisions for the Participation of Private School Students, Title XIV, ESEA

Javits Gifted and Talented Program

21st Century Community Learning Centers

Charter Schools

School Renovation Program Guidance, Part B, ESEA

Student Loan Forgiveness for Teachers

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Last Modified: 06/05/2007