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OIG: Office of Inspector General
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Strategic Plans and Performance Reports

Below you will find links to the OIG’s strategic plans and its performance measures and results reports. OIG performance measures and performance results issued prior to 2020 can be found in the OIG Annual Plans.

Strategic Plans

  • OIG Strategic Plan FY 2018-2022 (statutory)
    PDF (7.29M)
  • OIG Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan FY 2019-2022
    PDF (6.31M)

Performance Plans

  • FY 2021 Performance Results Report
    PDF (1.03M)
  • FY 2021 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Annual Progress Report
    PDF (2.00MB)
  • FY 2020 Performance Results Report
    PDF (4.93M)
  • FY 2020 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative Annual Progress Report
    PDF (1.41M)

Last Modified: 12/10/2021