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OIG Semiannual Report to Congress, No. 33
Inspector General's Message to Congress

Fulfilling the Mission
of the Office of Inspector General

  • The mission of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) is to promote the efficient and effective use of taxpayer dollars in support of American education by providing independent and objective assistance to the Congress and the Secretary in assuring continuous improvement in program delivery, effectiveness, and integrity. This office takes pride in a record of accomplishments and initiatives, highlighted for you in the following pages, that have fulfilled this mission with a program of audits, investigations and other reviews that will help ensure that the Department's programs serve the nation's students and taxpayers with efficiency, effectiveness and accountability.

  • The OIG places great importance on reauthorization by Congress of programs administered by the Department of Education (ED). Over the course of the last six months, the OIG has met with both congressional and ED staff and officials on issues that will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the Higher Education Act and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which are up for reauthorization in the next few years. In the coming months we expect to devote substantial effort to continuing our work with the Department on issues related to these critical programs, efforts which we believe have already begun to pave the way to increased understanding of the legislation's key provisions and anticipated impact. We would welcome the opportunity to work with Congress on these reauthorization efforts.

  • We look forward to continuing to work with the Congress and the Department to foster ever greater financial and systemic improvements in federally funded education programs.

    Thomas R. Bloom

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    Last Modified: 02/24/2005