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OIG: Office of Inspector General
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Reports and Resources

➢     Audit, Investigation, and Other Reports
  • Read OIG audit and other issued reports. Reports are presented by subject matter.
➢    Strategic Plans and Performance Reports
  • Read the OIG’s strategic plans and performance measures and results reports.
➢     Annual Plans
  • The OIG annual plans present the major initiatives and priorities that the OIG intends to undertake each year. Read our current annual plan as well as those from previous years.
➢    Top Management Challenges Reports
  • Each year, the OIG is required to issue a report on the most serious management challenges facing ED. Read our most recent Management Challenges Report, as well as Reports from previous years.
➢     Semiannual Reports to Congress
  • Every 6 months, the OIG is required to issue a report to Congress summarizing its activities and accomplishments for that time period. Read our current Semiannual Report, as well as previous Semiannual Reports.
➢     Congressional Testimony
  • The OIG is occasionally asked to testify before the U.S. Congress on its work. Read text of OIG testimony.
➢     Special Reports to Congress
  • The OIG is occasionally asked to produce a report for a particular Congressional committee or Member of Congress. Read these Special Reports to Congress.

Last Modified: 01/06/2021