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OIG: Office of Inspector General
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Investigation Services

Investigation Services

OIG Investigation Services is composed of law enforcement professionals who conduct criminal and civil investigations involving ED programs, operations, and funding. OIG Special Agents investigate suspected fraudulent activities by ED employees, contractors, grant recipients, school officials, teachers, and students – in essence by any entity or individual that awards, disburses, or receives ED funds or participates in ED programs. Our team also investigates cybercrime affecting and using ED information technology systems.

Investigation Services also:

  • Operates the OIG Hotline, which provides an opportunity for the public to report suspected fraud, waste, and abuse involving ED programs, operations, and funding.
  • Operates a full-time, state-of-the-art computer laboratory that conducts and coordinates digital forensic analysis, data analysis, and processes digital evidence.
  • Conducts outreach with strategic partners and fraud awareness briefings.
  • Works collaboratively with other OIG components to develop appropriate enforcement actions and to identify ED programs vulnerable to fraud.

OIG Special Agents exercise full law enforcement authority – carrying firearms, taking sworn statements, applying for and executing search and arrest warrants. OIG Special Agents work side-by-side with their colleagues in other law enforcement agencies, as well as with Federal, State, local, and Territorial prosecutors. Click here for more information on OIG’s statutory law enforcement authority. In addition, in accordance with the May 25, 2022. Executive Order 14074, “Advancing Effective, Accountable Policing and Criminal Justice Practices to Enhance Public Trust and Public Safety,” the OIGs are required to publicly post their policies and procedures for body worn cameras. You will find the OIG’s policy here.

OIG Investigation Services Regional Offices

           Key Personnel

                         Assistant Inspector General for Investigation Services: Robert Mancuso 202-245-6900
                         Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Investigation Services: Jason Williams 202-245-6900

Last Modified: 02/09/2023