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Investigation Services

Investigation Services

Investigation Services is the law enforcement arm of ED. This team of law enforcement professionals conducts criminal and civil investigations covering a wide range of wrongdoing, including Federal student aid fraud, diploma mill schemes, fraud and corruption in after school programs, and fraudulent billing of contracts. ED OIG special agents conduct criminal investigations of suspected fraudulent activities by ED employees, contractors, grant recipients, school officials, teachers, and students – in essence by any entity or individual that awards, disburses, or receives ED funds or participates in ED programs. In the course of
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doing business, ED OIG special agents have unraveled multimillion dollar fraud schemes involving high-level officials and persons in trust positions – individuals entrusted with educating our children. In addition, we have put an end to multi-layered fraud schemes, which many times have involved hundreds of unwitting victims.

Investigation Services also:

  • Operates the OIG Hotline, which provides an opportunity for the public to report suspected fraud, waste, and abuse involving ED programs, funding, or operations
  • Coordinates with the U.S. Department of Justice
  • Provides outreach on how to identify fraud
  • Works collaboratively with other components to develop appropriate enforcement actions and to recommend fixes to aspects of ED programs vulnerable to fraud
Special Investigative Reports
Unauthorized Release of Non-Public Information
(PDF) - 240K
Fraud in Tutoring Programs
(PDF) - 522K
Distance Education Fraud Rings
(PDF) - 1.12M
Charter Schools Fraud
(PDF) - 2.18M

ED OIG special agents exercise full law enforcement authority – carrying firearms, applying for and executing arrest and search warrants, and taking sworn statements. Our special agents also employ the full spectrum of traditional law enforcement techniques, such as conducting surveillance and undercover operations. ED OIG special agents work side-by-side with their colleagues in other law enforcement agencies, as well as with Federal, State, and local prosecutors. Click here for more information on OIG’s statutory law enforcement authority.

Key Personnel:

Assistant Inspector General for Investigations: Robert Mancuso
(202) 245-7330

Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Investigations: Vacant

Last Modified: 01/06/2022