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OIG: Office of Inspector General
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Immediate Office of the Inspector General

The Immediate Office of the Inspector General is responsible for coordinating and assuring accomplishment of the overall mission of the OIG. In addition to providing overall leadership and setting the direction of the OIG, the Immediate Office of the Inspector General also provides the internal management support, Congressional and media public liaison, and oversight of external summary reporting of activities, such as the OIG Semiannual Report to Congress and performance results reports, quality assurance, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility leadership. The Immediate Office of the Inspector General is composed of the Inspector General, the Deputy Inspector General, their executive staff, and three direct-report units: Quality and Integrity Group, and Congressional and Communications Services, and the Chief Diversity Officer.

    • Key Personnel:
      •       Inspector General: Sandra D. Bruce
      •       Deputy Inspector: Vacant

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    Quality and Integrity Group

    The Quality and Integrity Group is responsible for conducting internal investigations of OIG personnel and for internal quality control reviews and vulnerability assessments of audit, investigative, inspection, and administrative activities. The Group may perform special investigations, reviews, audits, and inspections of a sensitive or complex nature and special projects not within the purview of other OIG entities.

      • Key Personnel:
        •       Director: Vacant
        •      (202) 245-6900

    Congressional and Communications Services

    The Congressional and Communications Services group, referred to as Comms, coordinates communications between the OIG and Congress, the media, and the general public. Communications Services produces statutory reports such as the Semiannual Report to Congress, content on the OIG public-facing website, its social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter), the OIG’s Eye on ED podcasts, and other audio-visual content. Comms also provides editing services, graphic design, template maintenance, and oversight of publications policies and procedures for the OIG.

    Chief Diversity Officer

    The Chief Diversity Officer leads the OIG’s efforts to ensure integration of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility into our business processes, building an inclusive workplace environment, and retaining, developing, advancing, and recruiting a diverse and talented OIG team.

      • Key Personnel:
        •       Chief Diversity Officer: Gil Lang

Last Modified: 01/25/2023