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Audit Services

Audit Services Audit Services is responsible for all of the OIG’s audit activities relating to ED's programs and operations. Audit Services provides a full range of professional audit services covering all programs and operations of ED. Through its work, Audit Services seeks to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in ED programs; detect and defer fraud, waste, or abuse in ED’s activities and operations; and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

When our audit work identifies problems or weaknesses, we make recommendations on actions ED or other external entities receiving Federal education funds should take to correct those weaknesses or fix those problems. The goal of our work is not simply to identify problems, but also to encourage improvements and corrective actions. Based on our work, we also recommend changes needed in Federal law and regulations. When an OIG audit identifies a possible criminal violation, referrals are made to OIG Investigation Services.

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The OIG has the authority to audit any program or entity that relates to ED programs, and operations or that receives ED funds. As such, Audit Services conducts both internal audits focused on ED and external audits that are of entities that receive funding from ED, such as States, school districts, colleges, and universities.

The OIG’s audit assignments follow the goals established in our 5-year Strategic Plan. The OIG also produces an Annual Work Plan that presents the major initiatives and priorities that the OIG intends to undertake each year. The work plan incorporates suggestions from ED leaders, Congress, and issues identified in our annual Management Challenges report that identifies the most significant management challenges that ED faces.

Key Personnel:

Assistant Inspector General for Audit: Bryon Gordon
(202) 245-6900

Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Audit: Vacant

Last Modified: 05/23/2018