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FY 1998 and Previous Years Audit Reports and Products

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FY 1998 and Previous Years Audit Reports

FY 1998 and Previous Years Audit Reports and Products

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

Title ACN # Date Issued Format
Following the Title I, Part A and Secondary School Vocational Education Program Dollars to the Schools in 36 LEAs Visited. A0470012 06/26/1998 PDF (845K)
Review of Charges for Unemployment Compensation Insurance - New Orleans Public Schools. A0660010 01/29/1998 PDF (578K)
Audit of the District of Columbia Public Schools' Administration of the Safe Schools Grant. A0370001 01/23/1998 PDF (123K)

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services

Title ACN # Date Issued Format
Audit of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission's Provision of Training Services and Client Monitoring for the period October 1, 1994 through September 30, 1995. A0160003 06/30/1998 PDF (1348k]
The Puerto Rico Department of Education Must Institute A Time Distribution System. A0250200 11/14/1997 PDF (28K)

Federal Student Aid

Title ACN # Date Issued Format
NSLDS Can be Enhanced if Loan Principal and Interest Balances and Statutes are Updated with Lender Data. A0670001 09/30/1998 PDF (166K)
Review of the Department's Oversight of Schools Participating in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. A0470016 09/25/1998 PDF (265K)
Audit of the Guarantor and Lender Oversight Service's Oversight of Lenders Participating in the Federal Family Education Loan Program. A0570015 09/24/1998 PDF (117K)
The Department of Education has an Opportunity to Improve its Management of the Default Aversion Program. A0580007 09/23/1998 PDF (159K)
Associated Technical College Eligibility of Institutions to Participate in Title IV Programs and Others Issues. A0970015 09/09/1998 PDF (223K)
Institutional Participation and Oversight Service has Opportunities to Improve the Recertification Process. A0580011 08/27/1998 PDF (230K)
Professional Judgement at the University of Colorado. A0670009 07/17/1998 PDF (155K)
Review of the Title III, Strengthening Institutions Program at Donnelly College, Kansas City, Kansas. A0780005 07/10/1998 PDF (17K)
Applicants with Defaulted Student Loans Continue to Receive Financial Aid. A0670004 06/23/1998 PDF (152K)
Cost Attribution and Borrower Studies Could Assist to Meet the Objectives of Federal Financial Reporting and Program Management. A0770002 06/01/1998 PDF  (220K)

Office of Vocational & Adult Education

Title ACN # Date Issued Format
State of New Mexico Sustainability of the School-To-Work Opportunities Program. A0770004 05/27/1998 PDF (143K)

Office of Chief Financial Officer

Title ACN # Date Issued Format
Review of GAPS Security. A1180013 09/30/1998 PDF (18K)
WestEd's Administration of the Regional Educational Laboratory Contracts. A0960009 03/31/1998 PDF (731K)

Office of the Deputy Secretary

Title ACN # Date Issued Format
Moving Towards A Results-Oriented Organization --- A Report on the Status of ED's Implementation of the Results Act. A1770007 09/24/1998 PDF (371K)

Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs

Title ACN # Date Issued Format
Review of Monitoring Controls Used to Ensure Fulfillment of Title IV Bilingual Education Grant Program Objectives. A0460152 06/30/1997 PDF (113K)

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