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FY 2017- Audit Reports and Products

FY 2017 Audit Reports - Current Reports
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FY 2017 Audit - Audit Reports and Products

Office of Chief Financial Officer (OCFO)

Title ACN # Date Issued Format
U.S. Department of Education’s Compliance with Improper Payment Reporting Requirements for Fiscal Year 2016 A04Q0011 05/12/2017 PDF(3.98M)
OIG Risk Assessment of the Department’s Purchase Card Program for Fiscal Year 2016 S19Q0003 01/31/2017 PDF(180K)
Final Independent Auditors' Report - Fiscal Year 2016 Closing Package Financial Statements A17Q0003 11/16/2016 PDF(6.309M)
Final Independent Auditors' Report - ED's 2016 Financial Statements A17Q0001 11/14/2016 PDF(17.39M)
Illinois State Board of Education’s Oversight of Local Educational Agency Single Audit Resolution A02P0008 11/07/2016 PDF(332K)

Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

Title ACN # Date Issued Format
The U.S. Department of Education's Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014 for Fiscal Year 2016 A11Q0001 11/10/2016 PDF(8.17M)

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE)

Title ACN # Date Issued Format
Idaho State Department of Education’s Oversight of Online Charter Schools A04N0010 09/28/2017 PDF(329K)
Calculating and Reporting Graduation Rates in Alabama A02P0010 06/14/2017 PDF(1.63M)
Wyandanch Union Free School District: Status of Corrective Actions on Previously Reported Title I Findings A05Q0005 05/19/2017 PDF(301K)
Harvey Public School District 152: Status of Corrective Actions on Previously Reported Title I-Relevant Control Weaknesses A05Q0003 05/18/2017 PDF(216K)
OIG's Independent Report on the Department's Performance Summary Report for Fiscal Year 2016 B19R0001A 03/13/2017 PDF(855K)

Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development (OPEPD)

Title ACN # Date Issued Format
OIG's Independent Report on the Department's Detailed Accounting of Fiscal Year 2016 Drug Control Funds B19R0001 01/30/2017 PDF(1.35M)

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS)

Title ACN # Date Issued Format
Rehabilitation Services Administration’s Internal Controls Over Case Service Report Data Quality A03N0006 12/08/2016 PDF(411K)

Federal Student Aid (FSA)

Title ACN # Date Issued Format
Western Governors University Was Not Eligible to Participate in the Title IV Programs A05M0009 09/20/2017 PDF(1.62M)
Federal Student Aid’s Processes for Identifying At-Risk Title IV Schools and Mitigating Potential Harm to Students and Taxpayers A09Q0001 02/24/2017 PDF(296K)
Final Independent Auditors' Report - FSA's 2016 Financial Statements A17Q0002 11/14/2016 PDF(16.14M)

Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

Title ACN # Date Issued Format
Protection of Personally Identifiable Information in Indiana’s Statewide Longitudinal Data System A06Q0001 07/10/2017 PDF(589K)
The Institute of Education Sciences’ Contractor Personnel Security Clearance Process A19R0002 03/08/2017 PDF(912K)

Last Modified: 10/02/2017