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About Our Office
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About Our Office

Office of State Support Student Program (OSS) Office supports systemic efforts to improve academic achievement in schools that serve low-income communities. This is accomplished primarily through the administration of programs under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, providing over $14 billion in FY 2009 to improve teaching and learning in public schools throughout the nation.

The Office promotes accountability for improving student achievement by ensuring that States implement rigorous systems of standards, assessments, and accountability that motivate educators to assume responsibility for getting each and every student to achieve at high levels. As well, the Office builds the fiscal, pedagogical, and technical capacity of States, school districts, and schools to get all students (especially those most in need) to meet their State's high academic standards.

Fiscal capacity is supported through the flow of both formula and discretionary grants to States and school districts. Pedagogical capacity is supported through the promotion of effective research-based instructional approaches. Technical capacity is supported through efforts to help educators make good instructional use of all of the flexibility provided in legislation.

OSS Management Staff

Deputy Director (Patrick Rooney)

Group 1 - (Danita Woodley)

Group 2 - (Meredith Farace)

Group 3 - (Supreet Anand)

Group 4 - (Carol O'Donnell)

Group 5 - (Susan Wilhelm)

Group 6 - (James Butler)

The primary responsibility of the Deputy Director of Office of State Support is to assist the Director in carrying out the responsibilities of the Office of State Support Student (OSS). These responsibilities are carried out through facilitation and coordination of activities that include formulating, developing and implementing office policy, budget, staffing and representing the Director in her absence. Additional responsibilities include the day-today management of the office and as liaison between OSS and other offices.

OSS Current and New State Contacts
OSS State Contact List (Excel)
OSS State Contact List (PDF)

OSS Programs Staff Contacts
State OSS Primary State Assignments
Alabama Ashlee.Davis@ed.gov
Alaska Emily.Bank@ed.gov
Arizona Christi. Imholt@ed.gov
Arkansas Karen.Dorsey.Hargrove @ed.gov
California Daphne.Kaplan@ed.gov
Colorado Amy.Jenkins@ed.gov
Connecticut Elizabeth.Ross@ed.gov
DC Patrick.Carr@ed.gov
Delaware Julie.Glasier@ed.gov
Florida Jessie.Harteis@ed.gov
Georgia Jamila.Smith@ed.gov
Hawaii Melissa.Siry.Gordon@ed.gov
Idaho Molly.Budman@ed.gov
Illinois David.Yi@ed.gov
Indiana Melissa.Siry.Gordon@ed.gov
Iowa Carol.Manitaras@ed.gov
Kansas Amy.Bae@ed.gov
Kentucky Chuenee.Boston@ed.gov
Louisiana Elizabeeth.Witt@ed.gov
Maine Collette.Roney@ed.gov
Maryland Jamila.Smith@ed.gov
Massachusetts Millie.Bentley-Memon@ed.gov
Michigan Patrick.Carr@ed.gov
Minnesota Tahira.Rashid@ed.gov
Mississippi Stephanie.Washington@ed.gov
Missouri David.Yi@ed.gov
Montana Collette.Roney@ed.gov
Nebraska Cindy.Savage@ed.gov
Nevada Jessica.McKinney@ed.gov
New Hampshire Danielle.Smith@ed.gov
New Jersey Michael .Wells@ed.gov
New Mexico Michael .Wells@ed.gov
New York Victoria.Hammer@ed.gov
North Carolina Jessie.Harteis@ed.gov
North Dakota Megan.Oberst@ed.gov
Ohio Melissa.Siry.Gordon@ed.gov
Oklahoma Elizabeth.Ross@ed.gov
Oregon Elizabeth.Bailey@ed.gov
Pennsylvania Kim.Light@ed.gov
Puerto Rico Jessica.McKinney@ed.gov
Rhode Island Ashlee.Davis@ed.gov
South Carolina Erin.Shackel@ed.gov
South Dakota Stephanie.Washington@ed.gov
Tennessee Victoria.Hammer@ed.gov
Texas Erin.Shackel@ed.gov
Utah Janine.Rudder@ed.gov
Vermont Cindy.Savage@ed.gov
Virginia Emily.Bank@ed.gov
Washington Rachel.Provencher@ed.gov
West Virginia Rachel.Fortune@ed.gov
Wisconsin Janine.Rudder@ed.gov
Wyoming Monika.Kincheloe@ed.gov

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