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Greetings ED Stakeholder,

The Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) is pleased to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website: ! The new OESE website reflects our office’s internal reorganization by updating and merging content from the former Office of Innovation and Improvement website. To make OESE resources, information, and support more accessible to states, grantees, and other education stakeholders, we modernized all OESE program pages and created a more efficient navigation structure.

Changes include:

  • Contemporary Design and User-Friendly Navigation
    You asked for a website that is more contemporary, easier to navigate, and reduces the number of clicks it takes to find important information and resources. We simplified the website’s interface with dynamic embedded menus and highlighted trending content to make locating information more intuitive.

  • Audience-Specific Landing Pages
    You asked that resources designed for specific OESE stakeholder groups be grouped together and easier to find. In response, we created landing pages with links to Department-wide and OESE-specific resources for families, educators, and grantees.

If you would like to share your comments and suggestions about the new website, please send them to

We hope you find that the changes enhance your interactions with OESE. Thank you for your continued focus on providing an excellent education for all students.

Welcome to OESE!

Thank you very much for visiting the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) Website. It is our desire to provide you with useful and timely information that will enhance your knowledge of elementary and secondary education programs and issues. Your questions and comments are always welcome.

Mission and Responsibilities

The mission of the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education is to promote academic excellence, enhance educational opportunities and equity for all of America's children and families, and to improve the quality of teaching and learning by providing leadership, technical assistance and financial support.

The Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education serves as principal adviser to the Secretary of Education on all matters related to elementary and elementary and secondary education. The Office is responsible for directing, coordinating, and recommending policy for programs designed to:

  • Assist State and local educational agencies to improve the achievement of preschool, elementary, and secondary school students.

  • Help ensure equal access to services leading to such improvement for all children, particularly children with high needs, such as those who are from low-income families or otherwise in need of special assistance and support, including children who have disabilities or developmental delays or are educationally disadvantaged, English Learners, Native American, migrant, homeless, or in foster care.

  • Foster educational improvement at the State and local levels.

  • Provide financial assistance to local educational agencies whose local revenues are affected by Federal activities.

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Last Modified: 01/21/2020