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Harassment and Bullying

image title: Protecting Students: Sex DiscriminationHarassment and bullying, far too pervasive in our nation’s schools, are harmful to students and the learning environment. OCR strives to protect students’ right to learn in an environment free from harassment and bullying based on race, color, national origin, sex or disability. Harassing conduct may take many forms, including verbal acts and name-calling; graphic and written statements, which  may include use of cell phones or the Internet; or other conduct that may be physically threatening, harmful, or humiliating. Harassment or bullying creates a hostile environment if the conduct is sufficiently serious that it denies or limits a student’s ability to participate in or benefit from the school’s program. When a school knows or reasonably should know of possible harassment, it must take immediate and appropriate steps to investigate or otherwise determine what occurred.  If an investigation reveals that discriminatory harassment or bullying created a hostile environment, the school must take prompt and effective steps reasonably calculated to end the harassment or bullying, eliminate the hostile environment, prevent its recurrence, and, as appropriate, remedy its effects.



Last Modified: 01/16/2020