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Developing Programs for English Language Learners: Staffing

Resource Materials for Planning and Self-Assessments

Part II: Developing ELL Programs

Staffing and Resources

This section covers the portion of an ELL plan the districts may use to describe the resources that will be provided to support the program. Resource descriptions may include items such as instructional staffing (including teaching assistants), instructional equipment and materials, etc.


  • Does the description identify the number and categories of instructional staff determined appropriate to implement the district's program of services (e.g., qualified teachers, interpreters, translators, teaching assistants, and other categories of support staff)? (For example, what has the district determined to be the appropriate student-teacher and student-support staff ratio to provide services consistent with program objectives.)

  • Does the description state the qualifications for instructional staff assigned to implement the program of services? (For example, teachers need to have the educational expertise, consistent with state and local standards, to meet the goals of the ELL program model. If they are responsible for subject matter instruction as well as English language development, they need to be qualified in both areas of responsibility.)

  • Does the description state the methods and criteria the district will utilize to ensure that staff are qualified to provide the services to ELL students under the district's ELL program? (For example, if the program requires Spanish-speaking bilingual assistants, how will the district ensure that the assistants are fluent in Spanish?)

    If circumstances beyond the control of the district necessitate temporary use of staff that do not meet the established qualification standards in order to implement its alternative program of services to ELL students, does the plan address the following:

  • What are the training needs (i.e., in-service training and formal college course work) of current staff?

  • What is the amount, type, and schedule of training that will be provided to staff?

  • What steps will be taken by the district to recruit and hire qualified staff for its ELL program?

  • What is the schedule for having fully qualified staff in place, and how will the district ensure appropriate services are provided during the period of staff development?


  • What materials and resources, such as specialized books and equipment, are needed to fully implement its ELL program?

  • If the district does not currently have all the resources necessary to implement its program of services for ELL students, what is the schedule or plan for obtaining such resources?

  • Does the ELL plan describe how a review of resources needed for the district's program of services for ELL students will be accomplished on an ongoing basis?

Last Modified: 01/16/2020